Hand and Foot Pain In Grapevine?

Your hand and feet are some of the most used parts of your body. With everywhere you go and everything you do they are put into use. Because of this they are also subject to a lot of wear and tear through time. 

Treatment For Hand Pain In Grapevine

Your hands are the things used my many all day without rest or relaxation. When an issue begins to form the hands are usually not given a chance to recover like the rest of the body. Even if you took a day off work to relax them they would still be used in opening and lifting things. Carpal tunnel can also play a factor as the finger work with flexor muscles in the wrist. We work to relax all the muscles in the area so they finally have a chance to rest and recover properly without strain.




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Treatment For Foot Pain in Grapevine

Your feet lead they way when it comes to going where you desire. They are a complex series of bones, muscles and ligaments working together go give you stability. When issues like plantar fasciitis prevent the system from working optimally then pain is the bodys way of letting you know something is wrong. In the case of plantar fasciitis the calf muscle has pulled to hard on the back of the heel which makes it impact the ground incorrectly. This now tightens the plantar fascia on the bottom of the foot. Given enough time this can actually lead to heel spurs which can even require surgery to correct. 

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