How Massage Can Help With Allergies

October 19, 2017


Spring and summer can cause sneezing fits, itchy eyes, and running noses for those individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies. Although there are many prescription remedies available for allergy, some people might want to opt for a natural approach to relieve the symptoms. Surprisingly, it has been shown that massage therapy relieves symptoms of allergy and improved patient well being without having to take medication.


How Massage Therapy Really Help With Allergies


The primary means by which massage therapy relieves allergy symptoms is by using massage techniques to manipulate how the body functions.


For starters, relieving stress through massage can help the natural systems of the body function properly.


Secondly, massage will help to increase blood flow and circulation of the body, which has also been shown to help in reducing the symptoms of allergies to its lowest level. Tension and the natural “panic” system of the body can aggravate allergy symptoms – massage therapy techniques help to reduce these agitators and make people feel relieved.


The stress of the body and the natural system of "panic" can aggravate the allergic symptoms-the techniques of massage therapy help to make these agitators and relief for the clients.


There are very few studies about the effects of massage therapy on allergy symptoms. Although there are no direct scientific results, many studies link relief of allergy symptoms to massage. For example, there is a lot of research on how to massage solves allergies problems. A 1992 study by the Touch Research Institute showed that a 30-minute body massage in young adults decreased their allergies symptom.


Massage therapy can be useful in various ways for the human body, in addition to relieving stress - tension relaxation, pain relief, blood pressure enhancement and other ailments. With all the great benefits that have this type of therapy to offer, it is plausible that a massage can help get rid the patient of their allergy symptoms without having to take medications that are often accompanied by side effects.

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