How Massage Works For Keloids

October 27, 2017



Keloids are scars caused by abnormal growth of fibrous tissue. Whenever the top layer of skin is torn or damaged by skin lesions such as stitches, scratches, chickenpox, mild burns, acne or cuts, collagen develops in the process of healing. If there is excessive collagen growth, then it forms keloids. It causes you no pain, but you feel ashamed of these ugly and itchy scars.


Massage is a great way to reduce the buildup of keloid scar tissue. Working along and against the grain of the muscle fibers should loosen the scar tissue and break it. This also loosens the adhesions. This should relax tightening and increase flexibility and agility.


It is highly likely that scar tissue begins to form again. Being consistent with the daily massage can help the tissue lay down and will be more linear than when the keloid was initially developed.


Massage therapy is considered the best manual manipulation of soft tissues to increase blood circulation. Depending on the degree of severity of the keloid, the massage might be a little painful, especially if the first keloid attempt is broken. The pain will reduce over time as more you get more massages done.


When the scar tissue dissolves, the body normally reabsorbs these tissues. To accurately position the tissue, a massage along the muscle fibers must be performed. This allows the adhesive fibers parallel to the muscle fibers to expand properly, allowing the keloid scar to align with the surrounding skin.


Depending on the consistency of the massage, it may take several months to reach your goal. If you go for massage at least once a week, you can relieve the pain. In some cases, magnetic therapies used with massage can also help soften scar tissue faster.


Benefits of Massaging Keloid


Benefits of Massaging keloid is definitely not the realignment of keloid scar tissue alone, other benefits of keloid scar massage are:


Increased circulation and neurological function

Softer, more pliable scars

Improved appearance

Reduced tightness

Reduced redness

Reduced itching

Reduced pain




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