How Massage Can Be Beneficial To Depression Victims

November 21, 2017


The stigma and misunderstandings surrounding depression began to disappear in recent years. Advocates have tried to raise awareness and encourage people to talk more openly about the issue. This public dialogue has allowed people with depression to get more information about the treatment options available to help control their condition, including massage therapy.


While it is not the role of massage therapists to address the psychological causes and symptoms of depression, the proven improvement in mood and stress relief that massage patients enjoy can indeed be beneficial. Depression often manifests itself physically through ailments that can be treated by a variety of massage therapy techniques.


Understanding Depression

Depression is a persistent state of low mood and energy that manifests itself in many forms, often triggered by a dramatic event in their lives or patients with chronic depressive conditions.


Although there are severe cases that can put a patient in a hospital or are unable to work, depression can also be mild enough and have little visible impact on a victims' daily life.


Regardless of the details, the condition can result in very high costs. In some cases, depression has been found to cause abdominal muscles shortening and tightening of the diaphragm, which severely limits breathing. Also, disorders of sleep, inflammation and joints, muscle and back pain can occur as a result of the disease.


How Massage Therapy Can Be Beneficial For Depression Sufferers


A number of massage techniques can alleviate the physical symptoms of depression that some patients experience. Massage can increase the blood flow in tightened muscles, and relieve joint pain.


A massage therapist can also help restore range of motion by stretching shortened ligaments and correct respiratory issues. Massage makes it possible to reduce the impact that lack of exercise has on the body, which can be an issue when a depressive patient’s condition has led to a decrease in their physical activity.

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