The Magic Of Massage For Gout

December 17, 2017


As you know, gout is a painful disease that can wake people up from a dead sleep. It is often manifested by any joint, but it occurs more in the big toe. Many gout sufferers all over the world are looking for gout relief, but do not want to rely on medications alone.

Massage is one of the many natural methods that provides a way to avoid this intense pain through the rational use of gout prevention.

While massage is known to treat pain and discomfort, is it really a relief for patients who are suffering from gout?

During an inflammatory phase, it would be better to rest the affected area. But between the attacks of gout, receiving massage can be beneficial. As it is known that massage improves blood flow and oxygen saturation in the blood, it is advisable to massage the affected joints to soften the tissues, restore the affected joints and increase circulation if needed in the affected areas.

While gout can't be cured, it can be controlled with certain natural remedies and treatments. Massage is useful in the treatment of gout with the improvement of the circulation as mentioned earlier in the affected joints and surrounding tissues, which speeds up the healing time by reducing swelling and inflammation. It will also help to reduce tight muscle and joint cramps and reduce your pain in the future.

A very important and overlooked bonus of massage, in general, is the improvement of lymph drainage and flow. Because our bodies have more lymph and lymph vessels than blood and blood vessels – with NO pump like the heart to pump it all around – getting an overall body massage on a consistent basis is very good for helping to keep the liver, kidneys, and pathways of detoxification and elimination clear and working well. A regular practice of massage may very well solve all of your gout problems.


A very important and overlooked massage bonus is usually the improvement of lymphatic drainage and lymphatic flow. Since our body has more lymphatic and lymphatic vessels than blood and blood vessels, no pump like the heart to pump it everywhere, a full body massage is very helpful in helping the liver maintain the kidneys and the detox pathways and elimination clear and works well. Regular massage practice can solve all your gout problems.

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